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feelings in a box

dear, sincerely, by anoymous

the box of feelings
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There are four boxes, all empty and without a heart, without a soul, without a story to tell. I want to create the boxes feeling what humans feel, love, hate, courage, envy, lust. I want the boxes to have a story, to have a soul, and that is exactly what I'm planning to do.

What brought you to this idea?
The movie waking life, it is one of my favorite movies and Word Cocktails, one of my favorite communities on Livejournal.

What happens if I recieve a box?
If you recieve one of the four boxes, all you need is two sheets of paper.

Now, write down a memory, a dream, a feeling inside of you, a secret, or even a story about the person next to you on one of the sheets of paper, just be honest about it. Try to not have a fictional tale, if you don't know what to write about, as a friend to help you and you can write it together.

On the other sheet of paper, you can do whatever you wish with that piece of paper that shows how you feel. Draw on it, paste pictures, news articles, whatever is on your mind to explain yourself in your own life. Make it real, and make other people feel the way you feel. The box is your freedom.

After you write and draw, look through the box, read other people's experience, you might find that you aren't alone in the situation. Everyone feels envy for someone else, everyone gets angry, everyone has something in their hearts that they want to show to the world, and now it is your chance.

Staple your two papers together and fold them, the more space there is in the box, the more stories there can be told. Put your name, nickname, or even "anonymous" if you don't feel the need to put your name on your sheet of paper and send it to another person. If you would like, you can also send a photograph that represents how you feel as well (it HAS to be YOUR art though).

Also, it would be nice if you could take a picture and post it in the commmunity, to view the state of the box. If it breaks, just tape it back together, and if it covers the wording, re-write it.

Who can I send it to?
You can send it to anyone, as long as you believe they could keep the boxes flowing around. It is more preferable if you send it to another city, state, or country even. Most preferably, send it to someone in the community, as I am sure they would want it. If your friends want to write a story, let them, and then send it to someone else. Whatever you want to do.

What happens if a box gets lost?
We could always send another one and start over, extending the time period in which it could float around.

How long can we keep the boxes?
I prefer if it were only one to three weeks of one person keeping the box, to give them time to read over it. Just make you send it to someone else.

Can I write on the box?
Of course! Write a quote, a poem, draw a face, whatever you wish.

When should it be mailed back?
If your letter could barely fit in the box, send it back to the address listed under it.

For the people who start the box, do they have the option of viewing the box in the end?
My plan is, if they are one of the first, well, they are one of the first to edit the box. I was questioning it, and I decided to paint the boxes four different colors, when I recieve them, I will scan all of the letters and art in the end, and post it on the journal with the different boxes (that is why I decided to have LJ as the main place for my project). I don't know for how long I will be able to keep this going, but I hope I'm able to send the boxes out to the world more than once.

The people who begin the boxes must be patient, but I might put in a letter myself in one of the boxes, as well as my sibling, so at least two of the four won't be completely empty. Another idea of mine is to make a few of my friends put things in the boxes who live here, that way they can participate too and while I can still send it elsewhere. Of this I haven't decided yet, but either way, everyone will be able to view what is in the box in the end, as long as it doesn't get lost in the mail. :)

Anymore questions?
Email me at feelingsinabox@gmail.com or post it in the community.